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      Southern daily to our interview: recycling
         Edit:管理員   Browse:2210  Date:2015-04-04 

      Resource recycling in the population growth of per capita resources declining today, is a kind of effective method to solve the problem of shortage of resources, also is the important way of sustainable development strategy. And plastic recycling as a sustainable development strategy in a bar, to make waste plastic to come what manufacturing machinery and equipment of available resources? To find an answer, so the southern daily reporter knocked on the guangdong province, has the resources recycling industry the most complete product line of dongguan yinghao machinery co., LTD.
      For visiting southern daily reporter, dongguan yinghao machinery co., LTD., chairman of Mr Li Taiming gave a warm welcome and gracious hospitality. In a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, in the face of questions from the southern daily reporter chairman Li Taiming gave his views and understanding.
      Q: did not know where li Dong Shi people, it is when to come to dongguan city?
      A: I'm from sichuan mianyang, born in 1967, in 1992, when they came to the land to make a living, this is for 22 years.
      Ask: that in dongguan for so many years of business, how are you getting on with your industry now?
      A: I'm in stone, horizontal drain composed with three companies, as well as the east pit respectively in classification of waste plastics, waste plastics and waste plastics processing machinery and equipment.
      Q: it seems li dong company has considerable scale, take the liberty of asking, now what are the company's assets, annual sales is roughly how much?
      A: fixed assets, land, plant and equipment should have hundreds of millions of, the company annual sales is not an exact number, but there is always eighty million.
      Q: can have today such a creature, presumably lee dong also experienced wind and rain, there have been a rocky experience, that party is not convenient to share with us?
      A: this can, of course. At the end of 1992, I borrowed 300 yuan from my hometown as a start the trip, travelling all the way to dongkeng town. Then I have no money, so we have to rely on fish for others and the road every day to make a living. Fortunately happens to catch up with the reform and open policy spring breeze blow to the entire guangdong earth, rushed out of the shenzhen factories are being built everywhere, and factory waste things casually throw on the side of the road, at the time of waste a lot of but few people know the value of it. I feel these things they don't get back with the actually still can use, so he came up with the idea of recycling, so start stepping on a tricycle paper skin every day, had to work every day can only earn $15, paper can earn 100 multivariate. Later in 1993, with a native east pit I rent a tractor to collect paper, net profit of 400 yuan every day.
      Some money in hand, and I thought why not open a junkyard for yourself? So earn more and also removes the hustle and bustle of hard work. Then in 1994, I first investment of 50000 yuan founded the east pit junkyard, also bought a farm vehicle, in 1995, the dealer has begun to take shape, but because of geographical restrictions, many other parts of the waste can not to be able to buy. In order to get more recyclable resources, in 1996, I in other places with the three recycling bin, makes your recycle bin to cover two town east pit and tea.
      At that time, as long as you're hardworking, willing to work, very good money. A recycling center, only seven people a year can achieve 3 million yuan of profit, we do is 6 years.
      In 1999, his savings, more abundant, I again into the life of a thinking: in the face of every day to buy back the scrap monopoly to the status of the deep processing of zhejiang businessmen, why not try yourself to do deep processing?
      Thought of, be about to do! So we started travelling around the country looking for deep processing of waste resources in the equipment. But we did not think of is no ready-made renewable plastic equipment sold on the market, we can only go to henan to buy conveyor belt, to jiangsu and zhejiang for mill to buy granulator, shunde but because all the parts together specifications do not match, there is no way to production. So can only come back to find technical personnel development, and fortunately we have successfully created a useful machine.
      In 2000, we invested 3 million yuan in the east pit deep opened a plastic processing plants, to use its own back waste in processing, and then after the classification, cleaning and crushing products, sold to jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, and the pearl river delta region.
      I am doing, and completed its transformation. Thanks to their from the acquisition of scrap to deep processing of waste plastics are familiar with, but also can make plastic regeneration equipment, plans to set up mechanical equipment factory by 2001. Again after many years of exploration and research and development, all the way around, in 2004 in dongkeng town to buy 40 mu of land, realize the dream of open their own machinery factory in 2007.
      In 2012, we waste plastics processing production line of products, in the national sales ranking rose to a fourth!
      Q: listen to the li dong has some kind of feeling, but every businessman roads can't be smooth sailing, don't know li dong encountered along the way is the most difficult time period?
      Answer: the business of the most difficult time of course. It was the financial crisis of 2008, my factory all have no orders in nine months, six months workers also have no ability to give. In order to survive, I only sell machinery factory machinery and scrap, to workers, maintain machinery business. Until late into the 2009, machinery factory is a business, ushered in the dawn.
      Q: as you can imagine that is a hard time, as far as I know, engaged in waste recycling machinery manufacturer not a few, do not know the face of such situation and what measures you?
      Answer: indeed, as heroes company do waste plastics regeneration equipment in guangdong has a lot of, but comprehensive product, from start to finish every part, only our heroes a company. Our heroes company also has become the largest in guangdong province is the strongest renewable plastic equipment manufacturing enterprises.
      Q: now is toward globalization of economy, I don't know what do you plan to do li Dong Youyou?
      A: on the marketing, our heroes company established Argentina agent in overseas, but no agent and stores in China. Because the order is done, always is by the customer under the first deposit to production, so do not need agent and stores for the time being. And our heroes of the company's products are from original into the small factory, now widely equipped to listed companies. With heroes devices than foreign company more affordable price, I am not afraid of competition of the market. In the future, we will further strengthen its research and development and production capacity, improve the degree of automation to reduce production line manpower.
      Q: it seems like heroes ing is the development of the company, could you please let us know your future development strategy?
      Answer: the way of the future, is to use our technology to better serve the society, the heroes of the company's equipment in collaboration with cities, the living garbage classification processing, change of urban house refuse landfill and incineration is commonly used in the past not environmental protection. In 2010, we have successfully implement cooperation with tianjin government, and in 2012, with the cooperation in Beijing, and shenzhen in 2013, Qingdao municipal cooperation. Believe in the near future we can build a better and harmonious society, in order to realize China's dream to offer an own strength!

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